Hello there!

Thanks for visiting, I'm Marisa. I love to learn, and animation has been a great outlet -- teeming with inspiration and new hurdles.

I got my start working at Roguemark Studios on illustrated videos, but was always itching to do something new. I learned 2D animation in After Effects, and pushed us to get serious about stop motion animation. As I picked up new skillsets, our creative capacity expanded.

    Today, I work as an animator at Brilliant.Org bringing motion magic to math and science.


“I really appreciate the partnership, collaboration, and fast turnaround time to help us meet our deadlines and deliver great content to our employees."
-Andrew Sullivan, Sr. Director of Compensation, eBay
"Marisa is a kickass leader!! She is organized, thoughtful, and is an incredible and encouraging teacher. She never makes anyone feel like they are wasting her time."
-Julia Cone, Art Director
"Marisa is excelling in her ability to produce polished, professional animation work on a tight schedule. She’s a skilled troubleshooter and innovator--if she doesn’t know how to do something, she figures it out in a timely manner."
-Bethany Kaylor, Project Manager

More about me

When I can find time, I love to paint with watercolors. On the weekends, you can find me playing ultimate frisbee!