Visual Notes

Visual Notetaking, also known as Graphic Recording, is a way of visually representing spoken ideas. Ever leave a conference or a meeting with a jumble of information in your head? Well visual notes can help! Over half of us are visual learners and having a quick reference can help information be more easily recalled. Not to mention, it makes for great photos and social media content.

Customized to your needs


Classic notes are drawn with markers on foamcore boards. This allows for a large center piece that attendees can take photos of.


Digital notes are drawn on a tablet. This allows for quick release of an easily shareable final image and can be made into a timelapse video.

Timelapse Videos

Timelapse videos help guide viewers through the content, piece by piece. This is great for use on social media where viewers include people who may not have attended the event itself. Videos are also great at grabbing attention on crowded social media feeds!

Speaker Portraits

Portraits for conference and event speakers help put a face to the information! This allows viewers to quickly recall a specific presentation at a glance.


Colors, text styles, complexity and size are all custom to each client.