Featured Projects


Leaders at eBay sought out a series of animated videos to educate their employees on HR benefits and policies. I worked as the lead animator to bring these tactile paper sets to life with stop motion and digital animation.


Raley's Supermarket

Raley's wanted to educate their consumers on the effects of added sugar in everyday foods. These videos were such a success that Raley’s returned for another set of videos to educate shoppers about food additives and highlight the Raley’s Purely Made brand.


The Mountain of Should

Writer Brady Gill dreamed of sharing his spoken word poem to a broader audience. I worked with artist Eliza Reisfeld to make this dream a reality -- through the power of animation.


Center for Community Investment

How do you engage an audience on complex city planning topics like "assessing the enabling environment" and "capital absorption frameworks"? With an animated explainer video, of course!


"Inshallah" music video for Maya Jupiter

Musician and activist Maya Jupiter wrote a song in anticipation of her first born child. The lyrics swelled with her wishes, fears and hopes as a new mother. She recognized that these were not thoughts unique to her and this moment in time -- but instead an echo of the experience of motherhood shared across cultures.



I created these sushi out of cut paper and animated them into a mesmerizing loop.

I wanted to experiment with animating assets that were made from real materials. I painted the mountains and village in watercolor and created the wood floor with colored pencil.

This animation was created to compliment an article written by Abby VanMuijen titled "7 Non-bullshit tips for Uplifting Women in the Workplace"