Leaders at eBay sought out a series of animated videos to educate their employees on HR benefits and policies. I worked as the lead animator with Roguemark Studios to bring these tactile paper sets to life with stop motion and digital animation.

Cardboard Set
Original Sketch


This video combined stop motion with digital animation. We built props out of paper by hand, so it was important to communicate with our clients throughout the process so that we could avoid re-shoots. Storyboards and production shots kept stakeholders at eBay in the loop and helped us deliver fantastic videos on schedule.

Improving Stop Motion

While the low frame rate of traditional stop motion animation can feel fun and quirky, it wasn't always a good match alongside the 2D digital Animation. I improved our stop motion shots by adding in-between frames and re-animating the photographed assets to move smoothly.

Color Correction

This series required a precise color story. While we did our best to find real materials to match these colorful palettes, the real magic happened in the color correction phase.