The Mountain of Should

Writer Brady Gill dreamed of sharing his spoken word poem to a broader audience. I worked with artist Eliza Reisfeld to make this dream a reality -- through the power of animation.


The base animations and walk cycles were drawn frame by frame in Photoshop. These animations were passed off to me to composite with the background, add text animations, add special effects and more.

Animating with Particles

I utilized the power of a physics based particle generator to create various effects in the videos. From making a clutter-filled mountain to throwing "shoulds" into the air, this process makes a breeze out of animating many things at once.

Animating 3d Camera Moves

I placed all the background elements into 3d space. This allowed for complex camera moves that would be very difficult to create with traditional hand drawn animation techniques.

Lip Sync

Lip sync is the process of matching mouth shapes to the phonemes in a voice over. This was originally not in the scope of the project, but I pushed to add it in anyways because it made for a more engaging end result.